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Lebanon, the small country, is known for its wonderful atmosphere and touristy places. To start with, Beirut the capital has many places to visit but the most popular destination for locals and visitors is the Raouche Rock. It stands like gigantic sentinels on the Mediterranean Sea.

Raouche Rock is not just two separated rocks in the Mediterranean Sea, it hides facts that every local and visitor must know it:  

  • Raouche rock, also known as Pigeon Rock.

  • The name is derived from the French word "rocher" (Rock in English).

  • Raouche Rock is 60 - meters high offshore, and 25 - meters width.

  • It is located in the heart of Beirut coast.

  • By its side, a Cornish 10-kilometres long called Manara.

  • Raouche Rock is a natural landmark, it was formed after a very big earthquake that hit the area in the 13th century.

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